PUBG mobile Tips and Tricks | How to get chicken dinner in every match

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: PUBG is an online battle royale game developed by bluehole company which is located in South Korea. Today's topic is how you could master the battlegrounds in short what are those PUBG mobile tips and tricks. If we compare PUBG mobile and PUBG PC then there is very much difference in the gameplay as PUBG mobile is made slightly easier than the PUBG PC but it does not mean PUBG mobile is that much easy. PUBG Mobile is also not that easier to master for beginners as they may require some of the PUBG mobile tips and tricks to master the battlegrounds.


PUBG Mobile has its own complete environment that is completely different from PUBG PC. You may notice that in whole match there 10 times more campers than PUBG PC. PUBG mobile's environment makes many players to camp. Beginners first need to understand that how do the Battleground runs.
PUBG mobile Tips & Tricks


  1. Understand the game's environment before playing 
  2. PUBG mobile is not as complex as PUBG PC as it is slightly easier in many ways so you could easily understand tha game's behavior and environment
  3. Another PUBG mobile tip is that don't afraid from the gun shots 
  4. Always keep an eye on the safe zone as getting dead by zone is the worst feeling you could ever get in PUBG mobile
  5. Avoid camping as it will give you nothing it not gonna improve your game in any way
  6. Take risks, because biggest risk is not to take any
  7. Always try to keep a sniper with you as it can help you to get more kills
  8. Don't run straight in open area always try to jump or run in a zig zag way that will confuse your enemy. Confusing your enemy is one of the best things in PUBG mobile
  9. Don't be so greedy for the air drops, as many players die in PUBG because of their greediness towards the air supplies
  10. Loot air drops after using smoke grenade as it will hide your location for 10 seconds, and ten seconds are so much in PUBG mobile
  11. Avoid using skins of helmets. Using the skins of helmet is not good in PUBG mobile as different colours shine from a very long range
  12. Be a snake in the last circles, If it was PUBG PC then I would have not suggested you this because there are so many snakes in the PUBG mobile and you just can't handle them single handedly in the last circle so being a snake will help you to get chicken dinner
  13. Improve your eye-hand coordination as eye-cordination is very useful in the games such as PUBG mobile because your reaction time should be more
  14. Avoid miss fire or firing without any reason because revealing your position in PUBG mobile is very easy 
  15. Handle the recoil of the guns to power up your gameplay. ---> How to control the recoil in PUBG 
  16. Controlling recoil in PUBG mobile is not an easy job but if you master to control the recoil then you could reach conquorer in every season you play
  17. If you are a beginner in the PUBG mobile then you should keep your aim assist option the settings enabled as it will help you out. Click here to know more about aim assist
  18. If you are playing with your squad then try to be with them all the time as it will help you out in PUBG mobile
  19. Have a good loot in your bagpack for a good combat
  20. Don't rush directly have some patience buddy
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