Top PUBG mobile streamers in India

Top PUBG mobile streamers in India: Who are the top PUBG mobile streamers in India? Today I'm going to tell you some top PUBG mobile streamers in India. Pubg mobile craze has crossed it's lines in India, whether it's a child or an adult everyone is busy in this game. Some People like watching Pubg more than playing it, so people are always busy in searching one of the best streamers on Youtube to watch PUBG. Let's know about top PUBG mobile streamers in India.

#5 The Rawknee Games

Rawknee is one of the most famous youtuber in India, He first started his Youtube carrier as a roaster but later he started his gaming channel also named "The Rawknee Games", He has quiet healthy subscribers and he also try to stream daily. You could visit his channel enjoy his live streams. Click here to go to his channel.

#4 Mortal

Mortal is one of the best streamer as well as gamer of PUBG mobile in India as he tries to livestream daily and also stream twice a day, He also provide some tips for the beginners in PUBG. He also explores hackers in this game to maintain the good PUBG environment.

#3 Ron Gaming

Ron gaming is one of the oldest and best Pubg mobile streamer in India . He is very good in this game as he reach conqueror in literally every season and he also provide many pro tips to boost up rankings in PUBG mobile

#2 Carryislive

Who don't know about this person he is popularly known as carryminati he also runs his gaming channel named "Carryislive" where he streams.He is not a regular streamer but the quality in his streams is just amazing.

#1 Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo gaming is the most popular channel in India for PUBG  mobile as he srtreams twice a day and running his channel from a very long time before PUBG moble he used to play PUBG PC but now he is the king of PUBG mobile streamers o You Tube.

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