What is aim assist in Pubg | How it works?

Aim assist in pubg: Friends there is a option in the Pubg mobile setting "Aim assist". What is it? How it works? If you are have the same questions in your mind right then you are at the right place.Let's find out what is this called "aim assist" in pubg mobile.

Aim assist in Pubg:

Guys if you are playing pubg mobile on your emulator or mobile then you surely have seen this option "Aim assist" in the basic settings option I will tell you about aim assist in detail now,lets get started.
So, guys you surely have heard about hacks and cheats of any game.This aim assist works like that only let me tell you how:
-Guys if this "aim assist" option is enabled in your basic settings then it will be easy for you to fight with enemies.
-Suppose you are fighting with enemies and as your your crosshair or the sight (that is in use) gets closer to the enemy will automatically get to the enemy's body or head and that's why you can kill enemies easily without doing any serious aiming.
-Guys i think i have explained you well about aim assist in pubg mobile and i hope all your doubts about aim assist are cleared now.
-But!But!But! I don't recommend you this tool guys.Aim assist comes in the category of hacks and cheats in shooting games and it will not gonna fair if you kill any enemy with his aim assist option disabled that's why it not gonna produce a equal competition in game.
-The other thing is that you never gonna improve your genuine game means you can't shift to pubg pc in future if you are habitual of playing Pubg mobile with aim assist tool enabled in your settings
-Now the question is that if this "Aim assist'' option comes in the category of cheats and hacks in shooting games then why the developers added this tool in pubg mobile's settings, the answer to this question may that the developers would have thought that this gonna difficult for the players to aim in  the game without this option.
-You can use this feature as I am no one to stop you but it was just my recommendation.