Pubg tips | How to push rank in pubg

How to push rank in pubg: Are you trying to push rank in pubg and fails in every then this article is god for you as you can find out how to push rank in pubg easily and you don't even have to do much struggle these rank pushing pubg tips will surely help you out.

What's the benefit of pushing rank in pubg:

There are so many many players who have this type of question in there mind so there are various benefits of pushing rank in pubg such as if your rank is high the quantity of bots decreases and more intense matches you'll get to play and the more higher rank you have the more rewards you gonna get in the end of the season now let's get to the main topic now " how to push rank in pubg".

How to push rank in pubg:

Pushing rank in pubg is one of the challenging things in pubg because if you play bad your rank can decrease also. So, you have to play properly.

Tips to increase rank in pubg:-

  • Kill more and more players: This is the biggest tip to push your rank in pubg because, killing player defines pros and only pros can push their rank. Kill atleast 9-11 players in a match
  • Do more damage: Only killing will not define your proness   and push your rank you also have to get more damage.
  • Stop camping: If you are a camper and also want to push your rank then sorry my friend it's not possible because campers hardly get 4-5 kills a match and that even in last circle. So, stop camping if you want to push rank in pubg
  • Land on crowded areas: I recommend you to land on crowded areas such as pochinki, bootcamp, paradise resort,castle etc. You may not be able to survive there but you will easily get some amount of kills and damage.
  • Get engaged in nearby fights: If you are getting engaged in the fights happening nearby you, its for sure that you gonna get some kills and push your rank in pubg.
  • Rush on whole squad in one go : Rushing is the best way to get more kills as well as damage in your match if you rush properly you gonna get those kills for sure.
  • Don't be afraid of anyone: Don't afraid from anyone and don't lock yourself in a house as you will never get kills and can't push rank in pubg.
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