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Pubg facts: Guys Pubg has gone in such trend that people are always busy in playing it, Pubg has broken many video games records in a very short period of time as a online multiplayer game. People can't stop playing pubg till hours, literally everyone on Internet or in your surroundings is playing this game and the people who are not playing it are tired of listening it's name again and again. If you are pubg player then stay here read the whole article because in this article i gonna tell you some of the interesting pubg facts.
PUBG facts

Pubg facts:

  • "PUBG" stands for "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds", this game is inspired from a Japanese thriller movie "Battleroyale" in which the some students are released on a island with water, food and breakfast and only the last man standing on the island could come out of the island alive. Most of the weapons and places which are found in the pubg are almost similar to this movie's weapons such as crossbow, sickle, pistols and light house even the size of the map is completely inspired from this movie. The pubg which we are playing today could have never been like this if the creator of this game "Brendan Greene" have not watched this Japanese movie.
  • "Brendan Greene" AKA Player unknown, PUBG's full form is Player unknown's battlegrounds which means the battleground of the player unknown. This player unknown is no one but Brendan Greene only. Brendan was a fan of the shooting games and battle royale games, In beginning just like pubg Brendan used to play a game called "ARMA", in this game by default a name is given to your player "Player one" which you could change in future. In this game Brendan changed his name from player one to "Player unknown" as he found it a bit cool.
  • You may gonna shock after reading it that the creator of the most addictive game "PUBG" doesn't count himself as a hardcore gamer.
  • Brendan is an Irish person who first learnt fine arts in his college and then later became a web designer, he also learnt professional photographer with a good exposure brendan used to play so many games at home and from here only his interest in gaming and programming woke up. He started to learn game modding, In 2013 he started to work with ARMA 3 which is just similar to the pubg's concept, After that he got the a offer of being an consultant of the game "king of the kill" and he also worked with sony for many years, but his career and fortune got speed when he got the mail of bluehole's CEO Jang Hang Kim who wanted to develop his own battle royale game from the last 10 years and was also impressed from his work on ARMA III and "king of the kill", within three weeks brendan decided to settle in north korea, and then they all started on the game "PUBG", with a experience of doing work with many battle royale games brendan known the weakness of many battle royale game that's why he added many new things in his his game "PUBG"
  • Erangle map: PUBG's erangle map is only designed by brendan, Erangle's name is taken from a irish Eirine which meaning is Ireland and Irish and Brendan's daughter name is also Erin. To increase the attraction of the game there is a story in battleground's law that a military fore conquered this island and after conquering it they used to do so many chemical and biological experiments, when the people of this island attacked on that force then this whole island became a ruin due to which we can see stopped buses, destroyed vehicles, broken houses, machineries, milatary base and factories during the gameplay
  • Blue zone: Pubg's blue zone which brings all the players closer to each other. It was first was to be given the square shape instead of round shape then developers thought this square zone would gonna be easy for the players to survive and understand and there were so many difficulties also coming while doing the programming of its so that's why the developers thought that the round shape will be a good choice. Some people thought that it's poisonous gas or a energy force that decreases the HP but in real it's an electric field.
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