Ghillie suit in pubg | What is ghillie suit in pubg?

Ghillie suit in pubg:

Ghillie suit is counted as one of the rarest thing in pubg as it provides so many benefits to the player in many ways. I will tell you about ghillie suit in pubg and the proper way to use it efficiently. So, let's get started.

What is ghillie suit:

Guys, before going to it's use and benefits let us first know what actually this ghillie suit is. If you know what is ghillie suit you could skip this part. Guys ghillie suit is not only found in pubg. It is used world wide in reality also, These ghillie suits are used by armies and soldiers. So, now you could have a question that why is used by armies and soldiers, let's cover it too.

What's the use of ghillie suit:

Ghillie suit is used in games and by armies and soldiers so they could could hide in the colour of their surroundings there are various types of ghillie suit with different colours. Use of the ghillie suit depends on the condition and place where you'r fighting. Now let's come to various types of ghillie suits.

Greenish ghillie suit[Used in erangle and sanhok]

This ghillie suit is basically used in erangle and sanhok map because the surroundings of these two maps is greenish and anyone could hide easily in grass and escape from their enemies but it can only found in air supplies.

Yellowish ghillie suit[Used in miramar and vikendi]

This gillie suit can only be found in miramar or vikendi as there surroundings matches it's color you could hide using this ghillie suit easily and escape from your enemies but the thing is that it is also found in air supplies.

White ghillie suit[ Used in vekendi only]

This is a vikendi exclusive ghillie suit and can only be found in vekendi this is the most effective gillie suit in pubg as no one could spot you with this ghillie suit on but thing is it can only be found in air supplies.

Benefits of having ghillie suit in pubg:

These are the some benefits which you will get after having ghillie suit:
  • You can hide easily in grass and bushes to get disappeared in the vision of your enemy
  • You could move freely in your surroundings as it gonna hard for your enemy to spot you
  • It will become easy for you to survive in the last circle.
  • If remain prone whole match no one could spot you
  • Winning % will increase to 70-80% depend upon how you play the whole match.
I hope you'll get ghillie suit in your next upcoming game. Best of luck from my side buddy!!!
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