Bridge camping in pubg | What is bridge camping in pubg

Bridge camping in pubg:

Guys if you are playing pubg from a very long time then you surely have heard about the word "bridge camping". So, in this article i will tell you about what is bridge camping and what are the benefits of it. So, let's get started.

What is bridge camping:

If you are new to pubg then you may don't know about bridge camping in pubg. Basically bridge camping is same as camping but it's done on bridges only. Bridge camping in pubg is mainly done in erangle map only as it consist two main bridges where so many players passes by, there is a third bridge also but rarely someone go there(it's in georgepool). Bridge camping has just recently came into trend as it is very beneficial in getting more and more ills in a match. You could get 10-15 kills easily by camping bridge as the whole squad passes from there but it also depend on route of the plane if it is far from the military base there is no benefit of doing bridge camping.

Benefits of bridge camping:

There are so many benefits of doing bridge camping in pubg, let's discuss them one by one.
  • Easy to get more kills
  • Risk free if you reaches first on the bridge
  • You can get vehicles if you don't have as many players passes the bridge with their vehicles only.
  • It will help you in pushing your rank.
  • You will easily get some high quality loot as military base provides high quality loot.

Strategy to do bridge camping:-

They are the some strategies you could use to so the bridge camping perfectly:-
  • Try to reach first on the bridge to acquire it before someone else does.
  • Be patient don't move before the blue zone starts
  • Don't hesitate when enemy arrives as many players hesitate when they watch enemy coming
  • Try to hide properly so enemies could not spot you from far.
  • Fully reload your gun before bridge camping
  • Try to target the enemy not the vehicle
  • Don't fire til they not enters in the bridge
  • If you are planning to do bridge camping pick up ext. mag as it will increase you bullets space
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