Best looting places in pubg - Erangle

Best looting areas in pubg - erangle: There are various places in erangle where you can land but most of those places provide very poor loot but today i will tell you some places in erangle map where you can land get high quality of loot because only a good amout of loot could get you a chicken dinner.

5. School

Guys, school is at the 5th position of my list as it has a very big amount of loot but it doesn't contain that much quality in their loot. Once school was the most popular place for loot in pubg but now it doesn't have that thing. But in my experience school is good for you as it has became quiet safe now. Loot rating : 4/10


Rozhok is one of my favourite place for looting as it has quiet high quality of loot. It is on the 4th no. of my list as it has given me sniper almost every time when i visit there, with good quality of loot it is dangerous also as it is becoming famous now. Loot quality : 6/10

Military base

Military base comes on the third position in my list. Military base offers a good quality of loot but it's on number 3 because it's quiet dangerous area, In my experience it offers great stuff for the match you could get guns like kar98k easily over there so it is also good for you. Loot quality : 7/10


Noveropnoye offers one of the finest loot in the pubg. You could easily get some of the rarest things over here like medkit,adrenaline syringe,M24 etc. My experience is quiet good with this area and i will rate it 8 out of 10.


Georgepool is on the no. 1 position in my list as it gives the best loot in pubg. It is the best looting place in pubg. The best thing about this place is that you can find the rarest thing in the game [flare gun] esily over here. The loot that you'll get over the containers is just amazing! Loot rating : 9.5/10
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