Best guns in pubg

Best gun in pubg: Which is the best gun in pubg, if you are looking for the same answer then you are at the right place. The simplest question in the mind of a pubg player is the which is the best gun in it. I will tell you my best recommended guns for you.
Best Guns in PUBG

Best guns in pubg:

There are various guns in pubg so its hard to find out which is the best in all of them. So let's get started with our main topic "best gun in pubg".


Guys this is the real beast in this game i know that its recoil can't be handled by a beginner but guys if you could handle its recoil then it gonna be the best gun in pubg for you. Its damage is very high with a good firing speed and it can also be used in long range as a sniper.


Guys i think you thought it gonna be kar98k but guys i am a bit technical right now kar98k's range and damage are less than m24, I did'nt choose AWM as it is a drop exclusive and can only be found in drop. Now let's talk about this beast that what's intresting in it. Guys if this gun is packed with a supressor then the enemy would not get chance to know you place because it's silenced shots are very silent and can't be heard easily. Another thing is that this the most powered gun which is not found in air drop.

I hope you gonna get these both guns in your next match.Best of luck!!
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