Are there zombies in pubg mobile - PUBG mobile leaked evidences

Is there zombies in pubg mobile: Guys you must have noticed some signs that shows the chances of getting a zombie mode in the upcoming pubg mobile update. Let's explore these incidents in this article.

Is there zombies in pubg:

Guys there may be chances of getting a zombie update in the upcoming update of the pubg mobile. As some died zombies are spoted on a very small island of erangle map and the blood of zombies is spotted in some of the houses in erangle.

Will there be an zombie update?

Yeah you could say that there would be an zombie mode update in the future. Tencent's zombies are just amazing as you surly have seen earlier in their games. Zombie mode is quiet successful in the PC version and it's now coming on android too. The another reason behind these zombies may that the PUBG mobile team has collaborated with the resident evil 2 which has released it's first shot demo recently.

What is there in zombie mode:

You must have the question that what is there in this zombie mode in pubg mobile. There is only one human in whole match and that will be you and you have to kill whole 99 zombies to get the chicken dinner. The zombies will come in group and try to kill you.
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